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    April 29, 2010



    Thank you so much for sharing this Christina, and for putting so much work and heart into your presentation of Abbi. I cry every time I watch the video and it has touched friends and family immensely who have seen it as well. You did an incredible job and it means the world to me that you "get it" and her. :)


    Melissa Ashford

    That is an incredible video Christina. Great job of capturing the essence of this child, autism, and the world around us. Raising awareness is the key to understanding. Thank you again. It was beautiful and so is Abbi.

    DeeAnn Daniel

    That video sooo touched my heart and could not stop crying....Thank you for preparing this video of my niece....Her determination and will to succeed is unbelievable. It's the little things in life that we take for granted when others cherish them beyond our imagination. This video not only educates me about my niece but helps me in my everyday job as a police officer. Thank you again :)

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